Wednesday, February 12, 2014


238 E 14th St
New YorkNY 10003

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Pork Belly+ Wutang= Heaven

So I had to do the Momofuku vs BauHaus challange and see who really has the better pork buns (or Baos). For those who don't know, a traditional Bao is a steamed bun filled with marinated pork. BaoHaus is far from traditional. I marched straight from Momofuku Noodle Bar north, only like 4 blocks, and placed my order. First impressions. This place is cool. Laid back, covered in graffiti, playing some hiphop and chill. My kind of hole in the wall. I ordered the Chairman Bao (pork belly) and the BirdHaus (fried chicken). These were so freaking good. Almost like stoner food but elevated. The pork belly was all fat which was a little disappointing, but still good. The fried chicken Bao was my favorite. They have tons of different kinds of Baos for $3-5 a piece. They are kinda small but 2 and some Taro fries will fill you up. Although these weren't as good as Momofuku, i'm not going back to give David Chang my $14 when the same thing is $6 here and I don't have to wait inline. Just writing this and looking at the pictures is getting me salivating to go back. I recommend this place to anyone. I cant say the same for Momofuku. This fine spot is owned by celebrity chef Eddie Haung. He is known for being the trendy dressed, pot smoking, korean wise ass in the NYC scene and can be seen on cookingchannel/foodnetwork/travelchannel etc. He also does an online travel show on He claims to have been the first to bring the Bao to the USA but nobody really believes him.