Monday, November 29, 2010

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory-NY

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory
Fulton Ferry Landing Pier
1 Water St

BrooklynNY 11230

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-The Best Thing I Ever Ate
-Rachael Ray $40 a Day

Located in the heart of Dumbo, this place is perfectly located directly under the Brooklyn bridge and next to the park. Perfect place to grab a bite and take in the breath taking Manhattan skyline. Also perfect after a pie from Grimaldi's less then a block away. Very few ice cream choices, but that's OK with me, as they're pretty good, and not horribly expensive.  $3.50 for a decent sized one scoop of fresh, fatty, ice cream. This is not for those picky ice cream eaters who go for the low fat or like sherbet or sorbets. This is the real deal.  Also, even though there is a line, it moves pretty quickly, and as long as you don't go in the middle of a Saturday afternoon in the summer, you'll still get through it faster than Grimaldi's. Their known for their Butter Pecan and it was really extra buttery and extra Pecany (is that a word).

Saturday, November 27, 2010


2879 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92104

As seen on
-The Best Thing I Ever Ate
-Food Crafters

First of all, let me say that I have actually never been to this restaurant. I have only ordered their peanut butter online. That being said, it's pretty freaking awesome peanut butter!!!
I got the #73, white chocolate pretzels spread, which was featured on The Best Thing I Ever Ate.. I'm so freaking spooning that stuff in by the mouthful. Who would have thought I could spend $10 for each little small 4 oz jar and be perfectly okay with it....Also got the #10 Peanut Butter Cup Spread. Spread takes Peanut Butter to the next level with flavors like curry, cinnamon cranberry, butterscotch almond, white chocolate cantaloupe, rose salted basil, or even Cannabis. They claim hundreds of flavors of peanut butter. They hand check every peanut before making their spread. This stuff is expensive but if you ever come across it get some. If you ordered it from their website your looking at about $15 a jar which is only 5 spoon fulls lol so watch out. But it is definitely the best peanut butter ever!!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fatty 'Cue-NY

Fatty Cue
91 S 6th St
BrooklynNY 11211

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-Unique Eats

An Asian American BBQ place? Think smoked BBQ ribs with an Asian twist and you get Fatty 'Cue! New York's newest BBQ craze restaurant. Located in Williamsburg Brooklyn. These guys know how to smoke pig.
I had the smoked brisket sandwich.  This sandwich had GREAT flavor.  Whatever the brisket was stewed in made for a mouthful of goodness.  A little spicy, a little sweet, super-yum.  It also had fresh cilantro which i love.  However, in spite of the intense yum factor, it was small and expensive for what you get. Try the Coriander Bacon and the Heritage ribs.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Jacques Torres-NYC

Jacques Torres
66 Water St
BrooklynNY 11201

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-The Best Thing I Ever Ate
-No Reservations
-Giada's Weekend Getaways

Saw their wicked hot chocolate on The Best Thing I Ever Ate. Its super thick dark hot chocolate and they add cayenne peppers to it.. The taste was unexpected. You don't get any heat in a traditional way it simply adds to the complexity. The texture was like pure melted chocolate. It was kinda to dark and thick for me. Couldn't drink very much. They had all sorts of beautiful chocolates and truffles. Jacques Torres is known as maybe the best chocolatier in America. There are multiple locations all over Manhattan. This was in Dumbo Brooklyn which is my favorite spot to hang out and spend an afternoon.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Bob's Clam Hut-ME

Bob's Clam Hut
315 US Route 1
KitteryME 03904

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-Diners Drive Inns and Dives

If you are driving up Rt 1 into Maine you cant miss Bob's. Located right smack in the middle of the Kittery outlets.  Stopped for lunch on my way to Portland and wasn't disappointed. Apparently they make their clams two  ways so I got a platter with some of both. These are full belly clams not the strips. They are fresh shucked and then fried. My portion was big! Had over 30 clams, fries, roll, coleslaw for $18. Kinda expensive for lunch but 30 clams at any restaurant would be expensive. Definitely had some good fried seafood and would stop back. I cant think of any better fried clams!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Becky's Diner-ME

Becky's Diner
390 Commercial St
PortlandME 04101

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-Rachael  Ray's $40 a Day
-Diners Drive Inns and Dives

Becky's is famous for 1 thing. Blueberry Pancakes!!!! The Foodnetwork uses Becky's recipe on their website for pancakes check it out. Stopped in on our way out of Portland after a rainy weekend. We actually were here before Triple D  was.  Anyways I got the fried clams and a blueberry pancake because i had to try their claim to fame. My wife got a normal 2 eggs toast and hash browns kinda thing. It was pretty much a disappointment. My pancake was burnt and tasted more burnt then it looked.  Its to bad. Stephs breakfast was plain and lame and my clams were OK. My portion was kinda small. I believe the diners around Kingston NY area are much better then this and haven't been on TV. So if your in Portland and you need some good breakfast i say look else where.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


11 Dock Sq
KennebunkportME 04046

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-Food Wars

Stopped by this weekend on my trip to Portland. I wanted to eat at the Clam Shack but they were closed for the season. Alisson's lost the Food Wars Lobster Roll episode. Owell this was delicious. The lobster roll was full of succulent lobster in an extra buttery  toasted roll. The lobster roll was quite decadent, rich and delicious, definitely high on the caloric count. Best lobster roll I have ever had but at $19 ill pass for a second. Cant wait to make it back up to the Clam Shack to try theirs. 

Friday, November 12, 2010


551 Congress St
PortlandME 04101

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-Man Vs Food
-Amazing Eats

Nosh might have become my favorite restaurant on the east coast. My god this place has everything right. Located in the heart of Portland Maine as soon as i stepped in i felt like I was back in Manhattan. Started off with a Shipyard Pumpkin ale on tap. Man that was the best pumpkin beer I have ever had. Then bacon dusted french fries YES bacon dust!!!!!!.  For a sandwich I got the Apocalypse Now burger.  A burger topped with American cheese, seared pork belly, cured bacon, foie gras, house mayo, and macerated orange and cherries.  It was a meat orgy in my mouth.  Other sandwiches at the table were the duck confit sandwich, and the pork belly Reuben.  Tempura Bacon yes please. Charcuterie plate with lardo on it.  Man this is outrageous.  I mean this place is pork paradise. Even had amazing Bacon paintings/art on the walls. I highly recommend this place to anyone.Please go here. Its worth the trip from anywhere. 

Who knew Bacon Dust was white?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Two Fat Cats Bakery-ME

Two Fat Cats Bakery
47 India St
PortlandME 04101

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-The Best Thing I ever Ate
-Unique Eats

First time walking around Portland Maine i was looking for some good blueberry scones. So I simply typed in BEST BAKERY IN PORTLAND into google and BAMMMM!!!!! Two Fat Cats comes up. Without even knowing they had been on TV last week. So we picked up some whoopie pies and cookies (they didn't have any scones). The regular whoopie pie was OK but the pumpkin whoopie pie was awesome. It was a really cool bakery cute and vintage. They have 2 cats that live inside the bakery hence the name. Lots of delicious looking pies. Still looking for some scones though.......

Friday, November 5, 2010

Rubiner's Cheesemongers-MA

Rubiners Cheesemongers
264 Main St
Great BarringtonMA 01230

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One of the most amazing shops anywhere! The store carries the most insane collections of cheese anywhere. Everything is  selected with obvious attention, taste and care. The owner Matt travels to Manhattan weekly to pick up the best chocolates, pickles, cheeses, meats and speciality items in the world. The prices seem quite reasonable for such extraordinary pleasures collected from near and far! Rubi's, the cafe at the rear, is the best place within 100 miles to enjoy a fantastic grilled cheese. I always make a point of stopping at both store and cafe whenever near Great Barrington! Def the most over the top cheese shop I have ever seen. 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mr. Cupcakes-NJ

Mr. Cupcakes
Riverside Square Mall
390 Hackensack Ave
Hackensack, NJ 07601

As seen on
-Cupcake Wars

Saw these guys on Cupcake Wars and they were the only cupcakery near us on the whole season. Tried going to the Clifton location but they were closed Mondays so cruised over to Hackensack. Located in a nice upscale mall I was impressed with the appearance. The shop was really nice. Kinda strange being in a mall not even in the food court just right next to some stores. Anyways got 7 cupcakes of assorted flavors. They were all really good. Better then I have had else where and better then I expected. If your shopping in the mall its worth stopping by or if you go to White Manna Cheeseburgers this place is only 2mins down the road.  French toast, cookie jar, red velvet, raspberry smoothie, hot chocolate, fruity pebbles, and more. Pretty good solid cupcakes.