Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Nick Tahou's-NY

Nick Tahou's
320 W Main St
Rochester, NY 14608

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-Chowdown Countdown                                         -Man Vs Food

Nick Tahou's has been a Rochester institution since 1912. Their culinary legacy remains the amazing dish known as simply the garbage plate. It is up to each customer to choose the foundation of his or her garbage plate. The foundation is piles of baked beans and home-fried potatoes, a scoop of cool macaroni salad, a dollop of spicy chili sauce, some spicy mustard, and a sprinkle of chopped raw onions. It can then be topped with Texas hot wieners, hamburgers, Italian sausage, steak, or even a grilled cheese sandwich.
It is a wild, ridiculous, delicious mess! Especially noteworthy are the burger or Texas Hots garbage plate. Or even try 1 of each on the same plate.

Burgers are OK, but upper New York State is hot dog country. Nick Tahou’s are exemplary, if not epicurean. They are called Texas hots, and they are split and fried, which gives them a nice, chewy exterior and hash house raunch that boiled or even charcoal-grilled weenies do not offer. 

This is massive. I couldn't even finish it. It was so good. I still dream of it, I swear.  So much food and really quite cheap. $6-8. I'm totally stoked to go back.