Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stuffed Artisan Cannolis-NYC

Stuffed Artisan Cannolis
176 Stanton St
(between Clinton St & Attorney St)
New YorkNY 10002

-As seen on
-Lx tv
-Unique Sweets

By far me and my wifes favorite place to indulge ourselves
They have over 70 flavors of cannoli. Located in Lady Gaga's old apartment building, Stuffed is bringing camnolli to an all new level. Using only the best ingredients and packing all your favorite flavors into a crispy fried shell. Smores, PBJ, Mudslde, Keylime, Almond Joy, Birthday Cake, Sweet potato pie O MY!!! Ive been here 10 times and Stuffed is probably my most repeat visited spot in Manhattan. Be sure to catch them at all the markets and festivals all summer.

Almond Joy Cannoli
(our favorite)  

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