Sunday, March 24, 2013

Maui Brewing Company-HI

Maui Brewing Company
910 Honoapiillani Hwy
Ste 55

LahainaHI 96761

As seen on
-Drinking Made Easy

I have never been to Hawaii so I honestly have not visited this location. I saw the show Drinking Made Easy and Maui Brewing Company caught my eye. Once I heard coconut beer, I knew i had to track it down. After searching the Internet and making a few phone calls, it was apparent I wasn't going to find this liquid gold on the east coast. Maui Brewing has no distribution on my side of the Country so I had to mail order it from Cali. Due to shipping, the 4pack of cans cost me about $20 to my door. Good luck getting some because it is illegal to ship beer to NY. Everyone online was bragging about the toasted coconut taste. Ill be honest, when it comes to beer I am a wuss. I only drink light beer and cant get into the dark. Unfortunately, for me this is very dark. I was unable to pick up the subtle coconut flavors. It is tolerable to drink but maybe that's because I paid so much for it. OWell, I'm sure if you like a dark beer this is good stuff. I also hear if you are in Hawaii the brewing company is the place to be for good food and a good time. So check it out

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