Sunday, May 18, 2014

Raven & Boar-NY

111 CTY RTE 34

As seen on
-Extra Virgin

Just ran into this place by chance, at the Rhinebeck Farmers Market, and realized I saw them on tv. They had bacon, ribs, and your typical pork for sale by the lb raw and were grilling some sausages. The women was very pleasant and I spoke to her for awhile about Smorgasburg and NYC. Raven & Boar is not your typical pig farm. We are talking open pasture foraging heritage small herd Berkshire piggies. for $6 they had sweet or spicy sausage on a stick with a piece of baguette.  I got one of each and wasn't expecting to much, but was totally blown away. I mean these were the best sausages I have ever had. Homemade smokey from the grill sizzling hot and juicy. Really worth the trip to Rhinebeck.  Next time we are going to get a lb of bacon and more hot sausages of course. 

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