Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Catsup & Mustard-CT

Catsup & Mustard
623 Main St
Manchester, CT

As seen on
-Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives

As my first child is being born and I work on my new house, my time for food adventures has greatly diminished. Luckily my in-laws have some free time to adventure. So I sent them to a crazy burger place we have been wanting to visit for some time. So today we have a guest writer. My Father in-law Clyde.

This is a genuine Burger Bar. Extremely affordable meals for both adults & kids. I went with 2 teenagers (14 yrs old). This was the test for Corey's. Started with soft drinks, all refills are free. The order was as follows: Pretzel Grilled Chicken ($8.00), Oh Burger, You Devil ($7.75), The 7 - Burger ($9.50) You can go to there website & see what these burgers are made of. We had an order of chedder & buffalo fries ($2.25). The two boys said without a doubt they would go back there anytime. One of the burgers was 2 patties of beef with brisket in between. This kid never ate brisket & is now asking his mother to cook it for him. They supply you with a steak knife so you can cut your burger in half. This may be the only way that you can pick it up to eat it. By the way, they have appetizers to die for. Be careful though, some of them are as large as a full size meal. Soup & salads are available, though they are certainly non traditional. Website has all the menus so you don't have to waste time when you sit down. It is a bar so they do have adult entertainment later in the evening. This is a must go for hamburger lovers. Enjoy.-Clyde

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