Saturday, November 12, 2011

Danny Macaroons-NYC

Danny Macaroons
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French macarons have been getting a lot of attention lately. With a new shop opening weekly, it seems like they’re becoming the next cupcake craze. I’m concerned. As a coconut lover, I’m starting to feel like I’m the only person spelling “macaroons” with two o’s and expecting them to be made of sweet, chewy coconut. To my great relief, I discovered this great Food Curated video about Danny Macaroons, a one-man macaroon operation that is coconut at its core. I found Danny himself at The Grub Street Food Fest a few weekends ago. I knew they would crush their French competitors in a fight. The salted caramel macaroon delivers a knockout, a burnt ring of crispy-chewy caramel encircling the macaroon’s base. A coconut mound of pleasure. Take that Frenchies! Dan’s flavors include roasted almond, double chocolate, red velvet, pumpkin, rice pudding, or just chocolate dipped. We thought the carmel was the best by far. You can find these macaroons at select stores across Manhattan or the Hester St Fair every Saturday.

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