Monday, April 30, 2012


4 Food
286 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10017

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4Food brings ordering your burger to a whole new level. The menu changes daily based on the most popular burgers which you can make online yourself. You can totally customize your burger, name it, and then it goes on the master list where others can order it also. The most popular make it to the interactive menu board. Every burger has a hole in the middle, like a doughnut, for you to fill with a scoop of your favorite toppings. Mac and cheese, mushrooms, veggies, pulled pork you can cram all that stuff into the hole in the middle.

I love this concept, the inside is clean and modern, and it's fast and efficient. The choices are endless, super unique for sure, and the food tastes good. But the portion size is very small. I was actually really surprised when I went for the first time. The burgers look nothing like the pictures you see. Particularly the brioche bun, which looks huge, thick, and fluffy on the menu, but is SO flat and thin when you actually order it. The patties are really thin, and they put just a little bit of all the things you add on. One burger is really just a snack instead of a meal, so either get a couple sides or an extra burger. No complaints about taste, though. It was tasty and quick but would need to eat 2 to be full, lame. Its a cool concept and they have ipads on all the tables to make your burgers on. It was only a few blocks from Grand Central which made it a real nice spot to grab something for the train.

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