Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hill Country Chicken-NYC

Hill Country Chicken
1123 Broadway
(between 25th St & 26th St)
New York, NY 10010

As Seen On -Unique Sweets  

Chickens will soon be an endangered species, because everyone is eating them all at Hill Country Chicken. So you might as well stop reading this review and get some before they're all gone.

But seriously i've crashed at this place a few times to stay nice and cold, in the AC, and drink Boylan's Fountain with free refills. This is the only place I have ever seen a Boylan's soda fountain and that is worth the trip alone. You would think a place with chicken in their name would be famous for their chicken. Well maybe to some they are but to others they are famous for their pie shakes. That's right folks, They will take any piece of pie you want and blend it into your milkshake. O. M. G!!!!!!!!! Amazing. They have like ten pies to choose from all delicious of course. Pie shakes are amazing. Chunks of flakey buttery crust, it's like a pie blizzard from DQ. How about apple cheddar pie milkshake? They got that. How about strawberry rhubarb chocolate milkshake? They got that too. The possibilities are endless. Hill Country is located right at the corner of Madison Sq Park well worth the trip. Of course unless you are going to Shake Shack and getting a concrete. But that's a different post.

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