Sunday, November 4, 2012

Yates Cider Mill-MI

Yates Cider Mill
1990 E Avon Rd
Rochester Hills, MI 48307

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The best cider I've had thus far.Yates is a cool cider mill that  has alot of stuff to do. In the fall there is alot to do outside. They have kid-friendly arts/crafts things you can do, there is a river with a very nice walking path through the woods where you can experience the fall colors... and then of course there is the mind-blowingly delicious cider+donuts pumping out of this place. Seriously, the cider is exploding with flavor all over my face as we speak. The donuts are warm and soft when you get them, unlike the cold, stale donuts I've received at OTHER CIDER MILLS. They also make apple butter, apple salsa, cookies, muffins... all sorts of stuff. I figured growing up in New York going to multiple cider mills every year, since a small child, that NY was the apple capital of the world. Boy was I wrong. Michigan has better cider then we do sorry to say it guys. Next time I'm in town ill be sure to go back.

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