Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tony's I-75-MI

Tony's I-75
8781 Main St
Birch Run, MI 48415

As seen on
-Sandwich Paradise
-Chowdown Countdown
-United States of Bacon

I mean, you can't complain about bacon. A pound of bacon. A POUND OF BACON. I got the BLT which was piled so high with bacon that I had to just eat random parts of bacon. A handful of bacon here, a bite of bread there, anthor mouth of bacon greese. Tony's was a great part of our Michigan vacation that I will not soon forget. So as you might have gathered, the portions at Tony's are ridiculous. Actually probably even too big... Nah, just kidding. We loved it, it was legendary. Oh, and the prices were shockingly low for the quality and portion sizes. There is no downside unless you are on a diet... and if you are on a diet then forget your diet and go eat at Tony's. You will have to go to Tony's because it is the restaurant most Michiganders will brag about and mention to you. With the portion sizes guaranteed to shock most casual diners you will leave Tony's stuffed, with loads of leftovers to eat later. I had enough left over bacon for breakfast for 3 the next day.

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