Monday, December 10, 2012

Di Bruno Bros.-PA

Di Bruno Bros.
930 S 9th St
Philadelphia, PA 19147

As seen on
-The Layover
-Bizarre Food
-Girl Eat World

Located in the heart of Philadelphia's Little Italy, Di Bruno Brothers is endlessly impressive. Since 1939, Di Bruno Brothers has had the cured meats hanging from the ceiling, the vast selection of cheeses, to the strong knowledge boasted by the staff. I've never really known what I'm going to come out with when I walk through the door, and I don't think I've ever purchased the same item twice, just because there are so many more things to try before getting hung up on one or two of these delicious and hard-to-find items. My last trip cost $99 - we left with three very different blocks of cheese, some rare unpasteurized cured meat, saba, and a bottle of sugar cane syrup. Ive been to Balducci's, Zabars, Eataly, Teitel Bros, or Salumeria Rossi. Whatever Italian deli, cheese monger, or butcher you have been to Di Bruno's is better. This was the highest quality Italian speciality store I have ever stepped foot in. Simply blown away. A must go to for any meat, cheese, or tasty food aficionado.

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