Saturday, December 15, 2012


152 W Girard Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19123

As seen on
-The Layover
-Unique Eats

Paesano's is pretty old school divey Philadelphia. Some of my favorite places in this country are dives. If the food is good, it doesn't matter what the place looks like. The food is crazy good here. This is a sandwich shop. Nothing less, nothing more. The menu is right up above the flattop. Most sandwiches hover around the $8 range. But they are taking what you think of a sandwich and elevating it to a whole other level.. Deep fried lasagna, suckling pig, chicken livers, house made lamb sausage, crazy over the top combinations of flavor. How about a breaded thick rectangle of lasagna battered and deep fried on a sub roll with over easy fried eggs on top. Ya it was carbo overload but it was pretty dam good with the egg yolk dripping all over. Chef Peter McAndrews is one of the top chefs in Philly and owns a number of restaurants around town. Take a look at the  menu and salivate for yourself.  
Always ahead of the curve

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