Tuesday, January 15, 2013

La Colombe-PA

La Colombe
130 S 19th St
PhiladelphiaPA 19103

As seen on
-Dangerous Grounds

If you have ever watched the show "Dangerous Grounds", on the travel channel, you know Todd Carmichael goes to great lengths to find the most outrageously rare and well grown coffee on the planet. Thru rain forests, third world countries, war zones, land mines, sleeping under his truck, whatever it takes to get the coffee. Well at least that's what the TV producers what you to think. His coffee shop, La Colombe, is a no nonsense straight to the point cafe. I mean come on NO MENU. REALLY! That's right you better know how you like your coffee because there is no venti mocha chino lattes at this place. I grabbed a few iced coffees and sat down. Coffee was a little burnt for my liking. I'm a heavy on the cream and sugar and add some flavorings while youre at it. So this was alittle hardcore. They even had a coffee vending machine with prebrewed coffee in glass bottles. Definitely a different approach than Starbucks. I would totally go back because of the unparalleled quality coming from this place. Todd is setting the new standard in coffee beans here in Philadelphia.

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