Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chip Shop-NY

Chip Shop
383 5th Avenue
(between 6th St & 7th St)

 BrooklynNY 11215

As seen on
-Deep Fried Paradise
-#30 Chowdown Countdown
-Extreme Pig Outs
-Outrageous Foods
-Guilty Pleasures 

As they said on the Food Network this place will fry anything. Their menu includes fried fish, pizza, hamburgers, cadbury eggs, cheery pie, snickers, twix, twinkies, and the list goes on. You can even bring in your own stuff to fry, They will fry anything except skittles. They tried that  once and had to clean out and drain the fryer. 
It seems this place is in direct battle with A. Salt and Battery in Manhattan for the best fish and chips in America. IT was pretty dam good. We also got a fried mars bar and that was ridiculous. So they used to have a double fried cherry pie which was taken off the menu by the NYC dep of health. This place knows how to clog your arteries. If you want some killer fish and chips and desserts stop by and grab a pint too while your there. 

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