Monday, September 13, 2010

Wooster Street Pizza-CT

Wooster Street Pizza
1131 Tolland Tpke St
ManchesterCT 06040

As seen on
-Man Vs Food

Not located on the famous Wooster St in New Haven but named after it because of its style of pizza. In the tradition of Frank Pepe's and Sally's, Wooster St Pizza takes the New Haven style pie out of New Haven and brings it to Manchester. They have a few locations around Manchester i went to the location that Adam Richmond went to from Man Vs Food.  He ate some 10lb pie or something. I grabbed some peperoni slices and with one bite was in heaven. I enjoyed this pizza way more then Pepe's or Lombardi's. It was crispy and slightly burnt thin crust just like all the brick oven coal fire pizza places but this was so much better. I swear check it out. I was surprised. inside was kinda cool they had a bunch of race car stuff and a full size monster truck. I cant wait to go back. The only pizza i have had that i thought was better was from Full Moon on Arthur Ave in the Bronx.

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