Friday, November 12, 2010


551 Congress St
PortlandME 04101

As seen on
-Man Vs Food
-Amazing Eats

Nosh might have become my favorite restaurant on the east coast. My god this place has everything right. Located in the heart of Portland Maine as soon as i stepped in i felt like I was back in Manhattan. Started off with a Shipyard Pumpkin ale on tap. Man that was the best pumpkin beer I have ever had. Then bacon dusted french fries YES bacon dust!!!!!!.  For a sandwich I got the Apocalypse Now burger.  A burger topped with American cheese, seared pork belly, cured bacon, foie gras, house mayo, and macerated orange and cherries.  It was a meat orgy in my mouth.  Other sandwiches at the table were the duck confit sandwich, and the pork belly Reuben.  Tempura Bacon yes please. Charcuterie plate with lardo on it.  Man this is outrageous.  I mean this place is pork paradise. Even had amazing Bacon paintings/art on the walls. I highly recommend this place to anyone.Please go here. Its worth the trip from anywhere. 

Who knew Bacon Dust was white?

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