Thursday, April 7, 2011


12913 Ocean Gtwy
Ocean CityMD 21842

Not seen on TV

Every Summer for 9 years I spent my vacation in Ocean City, Maryland. Relaxing and cruising the strip. Ocean city is like the Jersey Shore except way nicer i mean WAY nicer!. I missed Ocean City this summer because I got married instead, but it is surely missed and I cant wait to bring my son on family vacation some day. We would always spend one night at Hooper's. Maybe it wasn't the best seafood on the strip but it was probably the funniest seafood anywhere.Also it's right on the water so its perfect at night.

We go here for one reason ~ The All You Can Eat feast. Yes the FEAST. We are usually here for 2-3 hours.  So you better like crabs because they come by the table full.

The FEAST Includes:
Hush puppies, fried clam strips, Fried chicken, BBQ Ribs, CRABS!!!, Steamed shrimp, corn on the cob, bread, and Fries.

Although everything is tempting, wait for them to bring out the crabs. They keep bringing anything you want out and just dump it on the table. If you have had crab this way before you know it takes a long time to get thru a dozen. So a few dozen can definitely take 2hrs or more.

Enjoy the burn as you cut your fingers and they soak in Old Bay.  PERFECT! HAHA

You have to do Beer with Crabs, you just have to.

SO, head to the HUGE barn looking thing on your left before the bridge or on your right after the bridge.

Are there better crabs out there? Ya, but  this is the place for a full package of fun!

Total carnage!

The only picture I have of the AFTERMATH!!!!!

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