Thursday, July 21, 2011


258 Lark St
Albany, NY 12210

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-No shows

If you are looking for an outstanding, classy burrito joint, this place isn't it. If you are looking for a place to hang out with some friends and enjoy burritos and drinks, then this is definitely the right place. Bombers has been an Albany institution for years. Back before Chipotle or Moes, before you could just go get a giant burrito anywhere, there was Bombers. This tattooed dive bar fits in just right on Lark St. They may have even made Lark St what it is today. Feeding hungry drunk college kids all night with giant football sized burritos. Now although Bombers has recently moved down my list of burrito joints I still give respect to them for being the first in the capital region. Their food is killer and the portions are ridiculous. Jerk chicken or pulled pork burrito, cheese fries, and some wings and you're all set. Of course you could never finish all that by yourself so bring your friends. This is a "must go" on my  list of places in the Hudson Valley. Whenever The Dead come to town they are sure to stop in. Bombers has free burrito day on 4/20. Its to bad Jerry will never have a fatty at Bombers.

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