Monday, July 4, 2011

Bread and Chocolate-MA

Bread and Chocolate
108 Madison Ave
Newtonville, MA 02460

As seen on

My wife works in Boston every 3 months and I never get a chance to go with her so I sent her on a mission. A mission to get the worlds greatest Boston Creme Pie. Saw this on Throwdown and as you can tell by the pics it was one of the most beautiful pies Ive ever seen. So I asked my wife to write a review.She even took all the pics herself with her cell phone...Now that's love.

"It was a really cute bakery seen on Throwdown for their Boston creme pie. The iced coffee was really good and all the stuff was really expensive but looked amazing."-Steph

The Boston Creme Pie looked better then it tasted but it was my first authentic Boston Creme Pie from Boston. The chocolate was amazing and the cake was super dense. The creme had alot of orange flavor to it. Best Boston Creme Pie I have ever had. O ya they dont sell slices and the whole pie is $40!

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