Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Shaved Ice Shop-NYC

The Shaved Ice Shop
All Over NYC
New York, NY 10002

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This isn't your Snoopy's Doghouse kind of snow cone. I had fully given up on snow cones, until I discovered The Shaved Ice Shop. This version of shaved ice is served smooth and fluffy, like little pillows of ice, almost creamy I dare say! You can select from a buffet of different toppings and create combinations with fresh fruit, ice cream, granola, sugar cereal, nuts, syrups, bits of candy and cookies. Bao Bing is the Japanese art of shaved ice. It’s also quite a show to watch them assemble your snow mountain. They scrape the ice into a fantastic peak and then surround it with all your fixins’, pouring condensed milk onto your colorful avalanche. All of this is yours for only 6 bucks! This was much better then I had thought it could even be simply delicious. The Shaved Ice Shop is at most festivals and events in Manhattan in the summer so catch them while you can!

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