Thursday, December 8, 2011


121 Main St
Essex, MA 01929

As seen on
-Hook Line And Dinner

I walked into fried seafood heaven and survived with all arteries intact! It's truly a miracle! The aroma upon entering this joint alone should come with a Lipitor prescription... Woodman's only fries in pure lard. The same way they did in 1914 when they invented the fried clam. Woodman's takes credit for inventing the fried clam in a small strip of Essex called Clam Alley. With one fried clam place after another Essex is the center of all fried clams in the whole country. The clams were piled high at Woodman's and at first glance of my overflowing plate I new I was at the right place. We are talking full belly fresh shucked clams not those wimpy strips you're used to back home. Two dozen fresh fried clams crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Probably the best I've ever had. They come with onion rings and fries. Paid exta for a side of coleslaw and it hit the spot just right to cut the grease. I would definitely come back. This was my special 30th birthday present to myself. I probably could have ate anywhere in the north east and picked Woodman's.
P.S. The film Grown Ups was filmed here. So this is the place to get chocolate wasted!!!

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