Monday, July 2, 2012


305 Franklin Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11205

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As a child, I used to wonder what it would be like to eat a cloud. I eventually came to find out that clouds are neither edible nor are they a home for a group of enchanted colored bears that fire magic beams of love and happiness out of their gut.

The doughnuts I ate from Dough are the closest I could get. It is the softest, most wonderful ring of sweet yeasty goodness I have ever eaten. The passion fruit with coco nibs haunts my taste buds in the middle of the night and the blood orange makes you wonder how the hell anything else passes for a doughnut. After eating one of these you'll be firing beams of love and happiness from your tummy. The passionfruit donut I had was nothing short of a religious experience. These doughnuts are huge and I was able to get them still warm at Smorgasburg. They simply melted away in my mouth. Its really a hard thing to say but I think these are better then Doughnut Plant!!!

DOUGH Donuts: A Far Cry From The Old Fashioned from SkeeterNYC on Vimeo.

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