Sunday, September 16, 2012


102 St Marks Pl
New York, NY 10009

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-Unique Sweets

Who wants pudding? I do. I feel like Bill Cosby. Anyways Puddin' has lots of flavors with all sorts of different toppings to go on top.They come in these little containers so you can try a bunch of small individual portions. We tried butterscotch, rice, chocolate, banana and coconut. The rice was good, though nothing  compared to Rice to Riches, the chocolate and butterscotch, not really note-worthy, but I thought the banana dream was really, really good. The banana flavor was so fresh and it was really creamy. What I enjoyed about the coconut was that it wasn't very sweet, so the coconut flavor really stands out without a lot of sugar. It was thicker than the others, almost yogurt but creamy. I really liked it. And the people working there are really nice. A nice change from ice cream or the typical restaurant desserts. New York City is all about doing one thing and doing it the best you can to the max. Puddin' takes the CAKE for pudding that's for sure.

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