Wednesday, October 10, 2012

American Coney Island-MI

American Coney Island
115 Michigan Ave
Detroit, MI 48226

As seen on
-Chowdown Countdown
-Food Wars
-Man Vs Food

My wife and I did the coney island challenge (hotdogs from both American and Lafayette back to back). American has a great coney with subtle differences from Lafayette, and I did like that you could get a little extra beef on your coney, but overall I feel these are basically the same. Lots of onions, thick meat sauce, and mustard on a snappy dog. I don't find either as good as the hotdogs I can get back home in NY. That being said, both places have a great dog, and I can only assume that it's the slight differences that people use to choose which one they like better. As for anything other than the hotdogs, Lafayette has a cool "old diner" feel, but the guys running the show there are anything but friendly. Over at American, they have more room and take credit cards, but didn't really like the owner putting us on the spot as to which dog we liked better. Kind of awkward. Both of these places are a Detroit institution right next to each other dishing out the same thing. Its a miracle they both stay in business. They have been on almost every food show I can think of. But in any case, both are great places, and both worth a visit if you find yourself in downtown Detroit.

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