Monday, February 21, 2011

Jim's Steaks-PA

Jim's Steaks
400 South St
Philadelphia, PA

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-$40 a Day

Jim's Steaks might not be Pat's or Geno's but they might be the third most famous cheesesteak in Philly. The line wrapped around the block and once inside twisted and turned. Waited over an hr to get served. The line at Pat's and Geno's was no more then 5mins. They cook up the steak right in front of you while your in line. You can watch them chop and cook threw the glass. Got a few cheesesteaks to go which was a bad idea. By the time we got to eat them at a park about 20min later the cheesesteaks had steamed themselves in the bad and were soggy and wet. Really ruined the whole thing. You have to eat them right away. Its hard to compare Jim's to the other cheesesteaks in Philly because ours really did get soggy and cold. With the line as long as it was on South St they must be doing something right. Most of the cheesesteaks are really really close in flavor taste and make. Don't forget to order your cheesesteak the right way. Cheese Wit

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