Friday, February 11, 2011

Mike's Deli-NY

Mike's Deli
2344 Arthur Ave
BronxNY 10458

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Located in the heart of Arthur Ave in the Bronx, Mike's Deli is dishing out all the authentic Italian classics. Seen battling Bobby Flay with his eggplant parmesan on Throwdown and bringing the victory to the REAL little Italy. Anyways Ive tried getting to this place a few times but every time i go to the Bronx its a Sunday and they are closed. Well I finally made it. They are located inside a small shopping market with a few other shops. With meat and cheese hanging from the ceiling and barrels of olives i found my eggplant. I got some hot to go. Now although this did not blow me away at first bite, the deeper i got into the dish the more i realized this is what eggplant parm is suppose to taste like. If there was a definition of eggplant parm in the dictionary this would be the taste and picture. Its what you think its suppose to taste like in your head. I cant say Ive had any better.  Mike's Deli is known for having amazing sandwiches with only the best Italian meats and cheeses. Arthur Avenue is a trip any foodie should make. Its part of NY history and every single shop is worthy of a blog post.

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