Friday, February 4, 2011

Walter's Hot Dog Stand-NY

Walter's Hot Dog Stand
937 Palmer Ave
Mamaroneck, NY 10543

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-No Major Tv Shows

This hot dog landmark has been serving up weenies in Mamaroneck since 1919.Clearly they are doing something right. There are no tourist attractions in Mamaroneck, the stand isn't even on the main road, yet there is a line 30 deep. Walter's is the destination. The dogs are split down the  middle, grilled in butter, placed on a toasted bun, and topped with homemade famous mustard. That's it. Hot dog simplicity. Sure its a bummer that Walter's doesn't serve sauerkraut or onions, bacon or cheese, but they are are all about purity. Keep it good and simple. This place was super cool. Housed in a building with a copper roof, now oxidized green and reminiscent of a Chinese Pagoda, Walter's is the kind of place foodies are all about. The actually experience of eating at Walter's might be better then the dogs themselves. The dogs are good though, really good! A good time was had by all and that's what keeps customers coming back for nearly 100 yrs.
 A double dog !!!

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