Wednesday, May 11, 2011

SeaPlane Diner-RI

SeaPlane Diner
307 Allens Ave
Providence, RI 02905

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-$40 a Day

Located on the water in Providence, the Sea Plane Diner is one of those old fashioned run down classic dive dinners. Not really in the nice part of the city  and don't expect anything fancy. I dont know why everyone brags about this place. This was one of the worst diners I think I've ever been too. So Rachel Ray can shove it. My lobster BLT was clearly out of a can. The best thing was the pasta salad and coleslaw. Maybe we are just spoiled in NY and NJ. If you are in Providence I would stay away. Unless you want an endless cup of coffee and plan on wasting a few hrs and only have $2 and need a place to hang out. You can get better food anywhere.

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