Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Murray's Bagels-NYC

Murray's Bagels
242 8th Ave
New York, NY 10011

As seen on
-Breakfast Paradise
Rating a bagel bakery in New York City is dangerous. Everyone has a favorite, but KNOWS which is the BEST. Murray, Tal, H&H, Brooklyn Bagels.....etc.

Thankfully, virtually all of them are real bagels, prepared in the traditional manner (boiling plus baking). This situation deteriorates sharply the further you get from New York City. A great bagel has a tough crusty exterior, and a soft gooey interior, and lots of flavor. And you can't count on a great bagel remaining a great bagel for more than a few hours after baking. My favorite was hands down TAL until I discovered Murray's. The long lines weekend mornings are nuts. 20 people deep in the middle of the afternoon. Murray's refuses to toast your bagel - on principle. It is just out of the oven! You don't destroy this work of art and passion by taking actions designed to make a stale bagel seem a bit more fresh. They have a great selection of cream cheeses, fish, etc. Don't forget to try the Leo, which is an omelet made with lox inside...yum

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