Monday, January 23, 2012

The Best Chocolate Cake In The World-NYC

The Best Chocolate Cake In The World
55 A Spring St
Ste A
New York, NY 10012

As seen on
-Unique eats
Good chocolate cake, but definitely not the best. What used to be "The Best Chocolate Cake In The World", now the same place has been re-introduced as "Choco Bolo". Everything remains, more or less, the same and with only enough seating to accommodate 10 people max. I like the place because it's very small and cozy. The chocolate cake actually contains NO cake? Imagine a french macaroon. Multiple layers of chocolate macaroon and chocolate and creamy fudgey goo. Now imagine that macaroon 10 times larger.. like the size of a cake. A cake sized french macaroon. Extremely light and airy. Melts in your mouth with alittle crunch. It was incredibly rich and one bite is more then enough. Unfortunately that one bite was like $4 and change. Probably only worth the stop if you are a real and I mean REAL chocoholic.

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