Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mike's Pastry-MA

Mike's Pastry
300 Hanover St
Boston, MA 02113

As seen on
-Bizarre Foods America
for 3 secs lol
Mike's is a Boston institution. When you say the word Mike's, only one  thing comes to mind. CANNOLIS!!! Huge, the biggest you have ever seen. Pistachio, chocolate, lemon, coffee, oreo, almond, strawberry, crazy flavors. Everything they make is huge enough for two people. Unbelievable!!!!!!! Although these may not have been the best cannolis I have ever had they were the biggest. These were a totally different style filling then the NY cannolis im used to. The lobster tails (which is a pastry not a sea creature) were the biggest I have ever seen too!!! You can not go to Boston without going to Mikes. I mean it. Get your pastry on!

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