Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kane's Donuts-MA

Kane's Donuts
120 Lincoln Ave
Saugus, MA 01906

As seen on
-Donut Paradise

Kane's Donuts is unbelievable! Its like a donut shop that only exists in your imagination but its actually real. Its like this is where Homer Simpson would get his donuts! I tried so many different flavors. Creme brule, caramel crumb, raspberry crunch, honey dipped, butter crunch, Maine blueberry, Boston Cream, lemon coconut, caramel dipped, their flavors are never ending.
They are huge, too! Speaking of huge, you have to see their enormous coffee roll for only $7.50!! It was literally the size of my head, and that's pretty big! This was so over the top its as if Dunkin was actually handmade from the best ingredients by someone who cares about their product. Family run since 1955 and they open at 3:30am!!! Named 10 best donuts in America by Bon Appetite. Located about 30mins outside of Boston this is a must visit. I will be back.

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