Monday, March 26, 2012

Schnitzel and Things-NYC

Schnitzel and Things
723 3rd Ave
New York, NY 10017

As seen on
-Eat St.
I like that Schnitzel & Things is a little different. When do you ever see Austrian food? I actually went to Austria, but I am unfamiliar with their food, so I was excited to try their thinly pounded schnitzel and other things. Schnitzel is traditionally veal pounded thin and fried to a golden brown hue. It was tender, with a pleasing mild flavor, but I was compelled to keep squeezing more hot sauce onto it, as it was slightly bland. I did appreciate that it managed to feel fairly light and not at all greasy spite being a sizable piece of fried veil. The sides were also pretty good, (I tried Austrian potato salad, cucumbers, and spatzel). Not even knowing what spatzel was I ordered it because it sounded authentic. It was simply a pasta with butter and garlic. Nice and simple. The Austrian potato salad is served warm with sour cream folded in to make it creamy smooth and the cucumber salad was really refreshing. It was nice to check out some different food but I wasn't blown away. It was also on the expensive side. $16 with no drink.They serve eggplant and cod schnitzel which I would like to try sometime. They started out as a food truck so look out for that on the streets of Manhattan but more recently opened a brick and mortar shop by grand central.

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