Thursday, October 21, 2010

Brooklyn Brine-NY

Brooklyn Brine is a labor of love with a simple mission: damn fine pickles. Indeed. Mouth-watering seasonal delights are created with the aid of local, organic produce, carefully chosen spices, and spot on recipes. Taste their Hot Heirloom Cucumbers, made from a variety of diverse cucumbers mingled with seasonings like dill and chili peppers. There is also a Curried Squash, Minted Eggplant, NYC Deli Style Cucumbers, Rye Whiskey Sour pickles, and Lavender Carrots. With Brooklyn Brine now on the scene, you can safely stow away whatever notion of soggy, mass-produced tasteless pickles and go for something worth biting into. I still like McClures better then these. Ive been trying all the spicy pickles I can get my hands on lately.

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-Food Crafters

You can pick up your Brooklyn Brine at a few places in the Hudson Valley and all over Manhattan and Brooklyn.

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