Sunday, December 26, 2010


187 Columbus Ave
Manhattan, NY 10023

As seen on
-Unique Sweets

In New York's upper west side, Bomboloni is dishing out New York's best doughnuts. Bomboloni is Italian for "Little Doughnut" and that's just what they have. Gourmet donuts that leave me spoiled. 6 Italian cream-filled donuts for $6 is amazingly cheap for these master pieces. They have exotic flavors like orange cream, pistachio, creme brulee and also more creative concoctions like toasted marshmallow, pina colada, and tiramisu. The donut itself was soft and pillowy, and every bite threatened to squeeze the creamy goodness onto my hands. Heavy on the delicious creamy center and thin on the dough. These are nuts. Just alittle to big for bite size these little doughnuts are pure heaven.

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