Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Meatball Shop-NYC

The Meatball Shop
84 Stanton St
New YorkNY 10002

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Man, what a ballsy concept. A place that revolves around the meaty spheres of deliciousness.  They have some of the best balls I've ever had lol maybe I should crack a joke about how I've had a lot of balls in my mouth, or something like that.. The fact that a place that does nothing but high end, fantastic meatballs, exclusively. And exists, brings much joy to me.  And that they do it well makes me ever so much more excited.

Choose your meatball (beef/pork/chicken/veg/special), choose your sauce (mushroom gravy/tomato/spicy meat/Parmesan cream/special), and choose your format (naked/hoagie/sliders/smash/all but the kitchen sink aka salad); then flip the menu over and choose your cookie(s) and ice cream for your ice cream sandwich (you're can get 2 different types of cookies if you want).

Overall the meatballs were decent. I got the spicy pork meatballs (naked style) with the family jewels (aka fried egg with gooey yolk) and spicy meat sauce.  My friends got a meatball sub. Everyone was definitely satisfied and impressed. They have 1 huge communal table and it is tight and hard to sit at. They also give you a marker to write your choices directly on the menu which was pretty cool and fun. I love places that do only 1 thing and make sure they do it right.

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