Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pommes Frites-NYC

Pommes Frites
123 2nd Ave
New YorkNY 10003

As seen on
- Food Fetish

Looking to up your fry game? Look no further then Pommes Frites in the Village. This is fry heaven. This place is definitely famous and lots of people know about it but for some reason it has never been on a TV show. With over 40 dipping sauces and the chunky uneven Belgian fries this place is the go to after a long night at the bar. Fries were great and a small is enough for 2 people. Roasted Garlic Mayo, Wasabi Mayo, Pesto, Curry Ketchup, Sweet mango Chutney, Canadian Cured Cheddar Cheese,and Chicken Gravy the possibilities are endless!!!!!! Alot of people say these are the best fries they have ever had but I don't know if I can say that. I mean definitely top 3 but I cant even remember number 1 and 2 after writing this.........

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