Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Update(what is this really all about)

I haven't posted something other then food since the first day I started this journey. I never thought I would start a food blog and never saw myself as a blogger. After going to a few restaurants that I saw on TV I wanted to keep a diary type list of all my foodie travels. Also being a photographer I found myself traveling constantly. Everytime I went to take pictures I also would go to places to eat. It only made sense to find a cool place to eat while I'm on a day trip away from home.
My food blog has brought me to places I never expected and  to people I never expected to meet. Doesn't matter who you are or where your from, food is one thing everyone has in common. From running into Star Jones at Porchetta or Frankie Faison at Shake Shack or even meeting Anthony Bourdain we all share one thing. Food nourishes our children and feeds our families. In every country, people in every walk of life are gathering around a table of food and sharing their lives and love.

So being a photographer why would I use my cellphone for all my pictures? Well whenever I go out to take pictures I have a backpack full of camera equipment. I don't always want to bring this into a restaurant, sometimes a small place not in the nice part of town, but most importantly when I eat I get down and dirty. I don't want my greasy fingers all over my fancy camera. So I started taking pictures with my Iphone well before I even thought about making a blog.

So I plan on continuing my food diary and who knows where it will bring me in the future. I would love to share my travels with you and maybe you guys can find a table to sit around and share your life with other people. Live Laugh Love

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