Monday, January 31, 2011

Pete's Hot Dog Stand-NY

Pete's Hot Dog Stand
293 S William St
NewburghNY 12550

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I was not aware that Newburgh had a famous hotdog place but after alittle research I couldnt believe how much publicity this place has got. All the major food blogs have talked about this place and the number of reviews online were over whelming. So i decided to stop by, it sure is close enough. Pete's is not located in the best part of Newburgh but apparently they have been here since before the Great Depression. They have 2 kinds of chili sauce and a few other toppings. Dogs are cheap $1.56 with your choice of 2 toppings (bacon, onions, kraut,cheese,sauce). They have no fries no burgers nothing. Just dogs, chips, and drinks. Small and cozy with a few tables. This was a great place for a quick lunch. Dog was good and chili wasn't bad. I may be more partial to Dallas in Kingston though but any connoisseur needs to change it up sometimes.

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