Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bubby's Burritos-NY

Bubby's Burritos
194 W Market St.
Red Hook, NY 12571

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 A small run down cart, located at Hardeman Orchards, is the home of Bubby’s Burritos. A seasonal burrito and quesadilla stand that has become a local landmark beloved by college students and serious foodies. Offering only burritos and quesadillas with or without guacamole. That' it. With the lines getting 10-20 deep for lunch trust me the wait is worth it. Did I mention this is one of the best burritos I have ever had and its VEGETARIAN!!!! That's right no meat. Only the freshest vegetables I have ever had. There is just something about the freshness and  the guacamole. So refreshing. They also make their own fruit water which changes daily and for $1 a cup it is well worth it. Bubby's disappears early in the fall so get your burritos while you can.

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