Wednesday, June 15, 2011


135 Crescent St
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

As seen on
-Rachael Ray $40 a Day

Saratoga Springs is a wonderful town to spend they day in. Upscale shopping and great restaurants. Check out the horse races or relax in a mineral bath at the springs. With all Saratoga has to offer why they hell would Rachael Ray go to Leon's. Leon's is owned and operated by an Ex jockey from the track which brings people here for some reason. Why anyone would think a jockey can cook is beyond me. This was one of the worst Mexican restaurants I have ever been to. I mean it was mediocre and ok but i've had a better burrito in the frozen isle at Hannaford. It really goes to show you that these food shows pull places out of their ass. Especially Rachael Ray. Mrs. Ray has the worst record of any show for restaurant recommendations that I watch. If you are in Saratoga please check out Hattie's for some delicious southern soul food.

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