Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hot Dog Charlie's-NY

Hot Dog Charlie's
150 Columbia Turnpike
Rensselaer, NY 12144
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A local favorite since 1922, Charlie's serves up mini hot dogs with their famous Meat Sauce from six Hudson Valley locations. This was the last Capital District mini hotdog stand left for me to visit. Famous Lunch, Gus's, and Hot Dog Charlie's have been competing for the crown of the Capital District mini dog for over 90years. Similiar to their counterparts with a 3inch dog, onions, mustard, and sauce on a custom mini roll. At 79cents a piece Charlie's is the most expensive out of the three. Charlie's was originally in Troy just a few blocks from Famous Lunch but that location burned in a fire and is currently being renovated. Charlie's is also the only one with multiple locations. Well the verdict. Charlie's sauce is bland and lacks flavor. Which isn't a bad thing in a world of hotdog sauces that usually are gross. Famous and Gus's have a more burnt cummin bitter flavor. Maybe it was the fact that the location I went to wasn't the original and didn't have any nostalgia but Charlies rates kinda low on my list. Id rather be throwing back a dozen at Gus's or Famous Lunch any day. Also don't forget the Capital Region favorite Fish Fry. An extra long fresh piece of fried fish on a bun with tarter or chili sauce. These are served up all over the Capital Region.

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