Monday, August 23, 2010

Bettie's Cakes-NY

Bettie's Cakes
Downstreet Marketplace
454 Broadway

Saratoga SpringsNY 12866

As seen on
-NO Tv shows 

Was walking thru Saratoga and totally fell upon this place. They had someone in a cupcake suit standing outside passing out coupons. So we find it downstairs in alittle sort of indoor shopping area. Place is super cute and retro. I guess they have a bad ass double decker cupcake bus that cruises around Troy Albany area. Well The cupcakes were horrid. Not only were they expensive they tasted like i got them at Hannaford for a 4yr old birthday party. The large cupcake was like $4.50 are you kidding me. Ive been to cupcake places all over the country and this rates last on taste. I got a few bite size ones for $1.50 a pop. I got a doggy cupcake for my puppy. Maybe i caught them on a bad day. Even if i was in Saratoga and wanted a cupcake I wouldn't go here.

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