Friday, August 27, 2010

Nathan's Famous-Coney Island

Nathan's Famous 
1310 Surf Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11224-2497
(718) 946-2202

As seen on
-4th of July Hot Dog eating contest
-Hot Dog Paradise
-Samantha Brown Great Weekends
-United Tastes of America
-I know others for sure

After all these years, I finally included a trip to Coney Island in my visit to New York City. Everyone should get a Nathan's famous hot dog at the original location at Surf & Stillwell in Coney Island once in their life. It's a piece of history since 1916 and a very good hot dog! You take the train for an hour from Manhattan... only to find out there is nothing at Coney Island, except for Nathan's, the Wonder Wheel, and the Cyclone. And freaks. And a beach filled with trash and syringes. Nathan's is so delicious! It is an excellent hot dog, with excellent fries, and this original Coney Island location just adds so much feeling to it! If you happen to be at Coney Island, Nathan's is a MUST! But if you are in Manhattan, think long before you get on that hour-long subway ride: how much do you love hot dogs? Your local Nathan's at the mall or wherever is not the same!!! Nathans 2nd store in Yonkers NY does serve a better hotdog if you ask me but I think thats because they have a fixings bar where you can put your own onions and kraut on.

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