Thursday, August 5, 2010

Murray's Cheese Shop-NYC

Murray's Cheese 
254 Bleecker St
(between Cornelia St & Leroy St) 
New YorkNY 10014

(212) 243-3289

As seen on
-A Cook's Tour

Thee Most Famous and "maybe" the Best Cheese Shop in
New York. Huge selections of cheese, meats, and gourmet groceries. All the local amazing artisan goods from NY you could think of. The best breads, oils, spreads, and chocolates. I came to Murray's for 1 very special product. The only place I could find that actually sells it. Incase you haven't heard of the newest trendiest thing in the food biz LARDO!. Smoked fat sliced thin like coldcuts. People from Anthony Bourdain to Andrew Zimmern are raving about Lardo. Apparently it used to be illegal in the US to have lardo not really sure why. You can melt it like cheese over bread or put it on your pannini. Well It wasn't quite what I expected. IT was heavily seasoned with rosemary and kinda had a snap to it.  It was pretty good but it basically tasted like fat. After a few slices I kinda started to feel sick from all the fat. Owell it was worth a try, Murray's is a great place to do some gourmet shopping or pick up a nice sandwich with only the best ingredients NY has to offer.

This Sandwich was soo freaking goood!!!

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