Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shady Glen Dairy-CT

Shady Glen Dairy
840 Middle Tpke E
ManchesterCT 06040

Lets just say it wasn't the best thing I ever ate but it is pretty amazing.  I did like the decor of the place though probably the most authentic old school ice cream burger place I have ever been. It is really layed out weird just like they used to be. All the waitresses stay in the middle and everything is cooked in the middle and you sit around the outside. They are still wearing the old outfits with the paper hats.

Although this fine old dairy bar has a menu of sandwiches and hot meals and is justly famous for its homemade ice cream, its  cheeseburgers are nothing short of spectacular. Four slices of cheese extend far beyond the edges of the burger as it cooks, so the cheese melts directly onto the surface of the grill. The hamburger with its soft cheese on top and its halo of textured crisp cheese all around is one memorable sandwich! They also have all the homemade ice cream you could ever wish for!

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