Friday, January 14, 2011

Carlo's Bakery-NJ

Carlo's Bakery
95 Washington St
HobokenNJ 07030

As seen on
-Do i really need to say?
-Southern Fried Everything

Checked out Carlo's Bakery awhile ago, and have to say i was super disappointed. Maybe I'm just spoiled but this is a run of the mill, no better then average bakery. I can get better cannolis at my local grocery store (Adams) or at la Deliziosa in Poughkeepsie. Not to mention Stuffed in LES. Anyways Hoboken is the worst city I have ever driven in. It is easier to park in midtown Manhattan then in Hoboken. After all that we waited in line for about an hr and got some pastries and a cake. Everything was super lame. The cake was Hanaford at best. So just because something is on TV doesn't mean it tastes good. It was cool checking out a place I've seen on TV so many times but I wont be back New Jersey.

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