Monday, January 10, 2011

Zaro's Bakery-NYC

Zaro's Bakery
All Over
ManhattanNY 10001

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There is kind of a long story about my love affair with Zaro's. My wife's grandparents owned and operated the only privately owned Zaros in NY. All the Zaro's are owned by the same family but my wife's family were such good friends with them that they allowed them to open one. So my mother-in-law grew up in a Zaro's bakery. When ever we are in the city we usually stop by and get breakfast in grand central. 
Zaro's takes credit for inventing the black and white cookie. That's pretty crazy, I mean every bakery in America sells black and white cookies. But Zaro's was the first. Ive had a few, although they are good they aren't my favorite cookies. Zaro' s has locations all over the 5 boroughs so be sure to check out their website for locations. The easiest for me is right in grand central station. I believe there are at least 2 in grand central. It is a quick easy breakfast right off the train. They have all sorts of pastries and bagels. They are also known for their crusty breads. I will forever be connected to this bakery. Every time i see one i will think about my mother in law baking cookies.

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